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How to Map Out a Business Plan


Mapping out a decisive business plan will no doubt go a long way in telling how productive such a business will be in the future, it will be the decisive factor at the end of it all.

I don’t expect you to embark on a journey in the desert without taking adequate water along; you stand the risk of massive thirst that could take your life.

Drawing up a decisive plan is all that is needed to make any headway; it will serve as the tonic upon which the business will continue to feed as the days roll by

Simple research will do, just take a decisive dive into how successful companies come to become what they are today, it will reveal a deep and well-thought-out business layout was carried out, I doubt if they will attain their present position if it hadn’t been done.

This is where you will know serious investors to pretenders, it will be crystal clear to decipher. If you want to fall by the wayside, all you need to carry out is a detailed plan that suits the nature of the business you wanted to embark on

Getting out of the nutshell, carefully enumerated below are the importance(s) of a detailed business plan, you will find them handy


This might sound strange to some of us not familiar with the business world, but it is one area every right-thinking entrepreneur should never treat with kid gloves, worth working on.

Even if your business isn’t making enough profit, shouldn’t it at least be able to recover running costs? How on earth will you explain to friends and co-investors that you aren’t making a profit and still cannot take care of little overheads about the business?

A well-laid business will surely avoid this pitfall, which is only if it’s well coordinated to suit the venture at hand.

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You now at least have a fair idea of what breaking even entails or connotes as far as business is concerned. That plan will ensure you never fall below such a level of desperation; you will be able to take of certain things revolving around what you are into


Except badly done, a well-laid business plan will make a business compete favorably in the committee of like-minded ventures, your business will never be a push aside, and you will even rank among the top echelons.

Gone are the days when businesses are run on lower pedestals, not anymore, many firms out there looking for ways to outwit one another, and it will now take that setup with the right foundation to take the lead

Never settle for less, unless you want your products/services to always play second fiddle in the market arena; your plan ought to be solid enough to compete well


It’s no longer a secret how some businesses continue to enjoy massive recognition at home and abroad, this will ever happen to that company that took the pain to draw up a solid business plan.

What is behind such a feat had been laid bare, the onus only lies on you to tap in and build a good plan before embarking on that business.

No one needs to tell you the multiplier effect of gaining global recognition, the effects are just too numerous to mention. Apart from being the rave of the moment, your firm stands the chance of raking in a massive profit, far beyond recognition.


I never stopped drumming it into the ears of young entrepreneurs, new startups needed to do a detailed plan before stepping into a dream venture.

Let’s look at this scenario, planning to start a business in an unfamiliar terrain needs you to draw up a good layout that will most probably guide you against some unforeseen problems that may likely arise in the future.

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You can do this by approaching the necessary authorities to brief you more on how the business operates in such a domain.

A good plan will help you avoid any pitfalls that may be lying across the way, you will enjoy the luxury of preparing for certain hindrances that may hamper the progress of such business in the later part of such venture


Did you know it will be pretty easy for you to either change or expand your line of business if the needful steps are taken from the onset?

Once your plan is solid enough, you will find it easy to move your business to the next level, you can even move into a new form of venture, all thanks to the flexible and bendable business plan you drew up from the beginning.

Many businesses suffered a shocking exit from the scene simply due to one reason, they failed to either consult experts or make up a workable plan that is practicable

Rights Protection

Many businessmen have suffered untold hardship simply because of their naivety about how things should be done.

They failed to comply with certain rules governing the running of businesses as far as that area or jurisdiction is concerned.

What do you think will happen to your right if you cite a new business in an area not domiciled for such nature of business? The government will be on point if such a firm is either pulled down or locked up shortly.

A good plan will most likely reveal all these before falling into a deep problem; it will be a big mistake if such a business owner never considers this before the start of such business


One key area that will make that business of yours attains some level of originality or call it genuineness is by giving it a proper thought from the onset, which simply connotes getting a well-crafted business plan.

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You will do that business of yours a whole lot of good if you integrate it the way it’s supposed to go, cutting corners or trying to bypass regulations will most likely take away the originality the business would have enjoyed.

It’s instructional to note that the big firms that had continually weathered stormy waters did the right from the beginning, that right step gave their businesses that solidity and genuineness they are enjoying today.

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