How to Prepare for an Online Test


Fear shouldn’t be uppermost in your mind when preparing for an online test, you need that stable mind to come out with flying colors, anything short wouldn’t be funny.

Taking a test requires all that it takes to come out blazing, and tackle any obstacles to the best of your ability and you will be the better for it.

Have seen many students perform excellently well when taking of such magnitude of the test, am sure they did the needful, they took it one thing at a time, and they never allow fear to take the better part of them.

I see no reason why you can’t come out all smiling when it is what you were earlier taught that will most likely be set as questions, the onus lies on you to pass it well

Are you having issues preparing for such a test or are you faced with difficult times on how to go about it? Then, take a very good look at the steps below; they will be of great help as you finally get ready to battle that online show

Past Questions

Don’t get it twisted, if you truly want the very best for yourself, if you want to pass that test in a sitting, and if success is all you crave, you need to avail yourself of the opportunity of making do with past questions.

Imagine coming in contact with questions that had earlier been set which are closely related to what you will be expecting.

Wouldn’t it be fun at the end of the day? Don’t settle for less, do all you can and lay your hands on such vitals questions that had earlier been conducted

You can easily go online and do a proper search, you will find questions relating to that test you are about going for, or better still, log on to the site relating to the kind of program you offer, there is every certainty that you will come across past questions of time past relating, to the test.

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Test before Test

It always brings some level of joy to me whenever I remember how many students, talking of the serious ones, the ones that have listening ears, always come out in flying colors after tests or exams are conducted.

I always impress it on them in their little corners and give them a little test before the real show. Are you still lost? Okay, let me break it down for easier understanding

All they need to do is focus on the topics that were treated then, take a good look at each topic and try to set questions that will be treated when notes and textbooks would have been locked away. You will only be deceiving yourself if your notes are wide open when testing yourself. Just take the same attitude when you are preparing for an online test and see how you will come out all smiling.

Make sure you only set questions you got online and must be closely knitted with questions you covered at that very point in time. Don’t go overboard and start treating irrelevant problems that may likely affect the scope of what you are doing


Just as advised from the beginning of this piece, you need to be yourself when preparing for such a class of tests, no need to fret or allow unnecessary fear envelope you, you are far better than that.

Make sure you maintain composure just before the test and see what the outcome will be. The test is your standard, is not as if the questions were imported from outside space, take your time and answer questions to the best of your ability

Have had students asked some funny questions like, Sir, how do we maintain composure or how do I bury fear before a test or exam? It’s pretty easy, I usually replied them, you just need to be yourself.

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Read widely, consult better students or teachers if you have problems with a particular topic or subjects, go to libraries, rest well and you will regain the composure needed for an online test and the rest. Give it a shot and you will overcome those naughty fears.


I guess I just touched on it briefly in the last point above, it’s pertinent I expatiate more for easier understanding. I am a living witness of this style and I felt it wouldn’t be out of place if you try it out too.

No one is an island of knowledge, even though some are pretty good. Make it a point of duty to take your problems to them, you will be welcomed with open arms, you will be the better for it.

I discovered that ego and nonsense pride in some of my students actually prevented them from seeking help and they usually pay dearly for it. They suffered in their continuous assessment, not forgetting the final report.

You will do well in that online test if you meet friends, colleagues, or co-workers that had earlier taken the same test, you will be guided on the best ways to pass it, it’s one of the best forms of preparation that work


I am not telling you to rush over questions, doing that can be costly along the line, all am saying is to work on the level of speed to attend to questions.

You don’t have the luxury of time when taking such tests, you need not spend the whole time on a question, leave and most likely come back to it when you have dealt with simpler ones.

Don’t forget, speed does not mean you should try and impress by rushing over questions just to finish in record timing, take your time, take a very good look as the questions come, and tackle according to the time frame allocated.

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Never allow the love for particular questions to take the better part of you, you might be wondering how I come to know about this.

I have taught at various schools, handled thousands of students, and have seen the mistakes many make. Don’t fall into same pit thereby limiting your chance of excelling in that online test

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