How to Spend Your Time Wisely


Time is precious they say, but how can you spend your time wisely? In the next lines below, I have carefully, list out some of the best ways you can spend your time smartly and more productively.

Shun lackadaisical attitude.


There is nothing as interesting as spending one’s time smartly, people that do this go on to achieve great things in the future, no two ways about it, you either try to be like them or live to regret your actions.

Many find it hard to use their time wisely, if I am permitted to make use of that phrase, it’s quite unfortunate such a lackadaisical attitude will have a multiplier effect in the long run.

There isn’t anything difficult about spending one’s time smartly, all you need to do is get your

Set your priorities right.

Just decide on your own to start living a positive life, and do away with acts that will most likely hamper one’s progress in life.

I have people that usually come over to seek advice as far as living a healthy life is concerned, I usually salute their courage for coming over, ego or should I call it naughty pride will never allow some to do such.

Just as I always say, getting to do the most tedious jobs isn’t rocket science, if some could achieve such a milestone, nothing is stopping you from even surpassing such a feat.

Always have it at the back of your mind that you are a winner and so shall it be for you.

A negative thought is part of the reasons some of us find it hard to make it in life, stop nursing those dirty thoughts, hold strongly to nice and pleasant thinking, and see how your road will go smoothly.

Do away with Negative People.

I want you to know it won’t come cheap; certain tasks ought to be carried out if truly, you want to start spending your time smartly.

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You can start by doing away with people you feel have always had negative impacts on your life, you need not say it to their faces, by the time you start keeping them at arm’s length, it will dawn on them that it’s time to take a walk.

If I may ask, of what importance or gain will it be spending most of the time hanging out with people well known to be troublemakers in society?

What does one stand to gain from such fellows if not trouble and disgrace? Is that how you want to have a smart time or is that your definition of living smartly?

It’s never too late to filter your friends and remain glued to the ones that can impact you positively.

Listen, I know some old habits die hard or should I say it will be a herculean task leaving some childhood friends behind, the bitter truth is better if you offend them now by cutting them off or live to regret your actions and inaction later in life.

By the time you see your age-mates or younger fellows living the life of their dreams and spending their time smartly, it shouldn’t be a thing of surprise to you that you failed to heed the warning.

I never wished you now hide in your little corner sulking like a newborn baby

Get yourself engaged in productive ventures.

Another area I feel will easily guarantee you’re having to spend your time smartly is getting yourself engaged in productive ventures.

Don’t get it twisted, the venture could be any worthy thing, how nice will it be if you start reading books that could help widen your horizon?

Materials that will help you see the world in a clearer perspective other than what you held all the while. You need to start doing things that will broaden your knowledge; it will help you greatly as you move into the next phase of life.

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Who wouldn’t want such? Except you want a tough life for yourself. I once gave such counsel to a cousin, she made use of it and I can proudly tell she is better for it today; she has never stopped thanking me for such wise counsel.

The list goes on, testimonies abound as to how people get to live time smartly simply due to thinking out of the box.

Some achieve this by simply engaging in things they have not tried before, what’s the point of doing things over and no meaningful result coming out?

 Reassure your lifestyle.

Why not look into the area of reassessing your lifestyle or should I say appraising your humble self to the best of your knowledge? I remember I did something close to that year back. I discovered I found it hard to concentrate during the daytime.

I always feel sleepy while carrying out certain tasks, no matter how little they can be. It was not until an Elderly Pharmacist advised me to watch my diet that, talked of things that go into my body.

I had to do a proper assessment of what I eat, what I drink, and my sleeping pattern. Despite having enough rest time, I did a complete appraisal and decided on my own to beat a fast turnaround.

I did not take any drugs yet; I had a complete reversal of the situation. My lifestyle improved tremendously and I overcame certain abnormalities facing me in the past.

Just imagine the smart time that will then accomplish such a new life I just got for my humble self. This is where many out there got it wrong, some would have turned a deaf ear thereby increasing the dirty life they found themselves in.

Discipline yourself and have the right mindset.

Spending time smartly hugely depends on the individual. Take your time and read over all that have been enumerated above and you will see a complete improvement in no time.

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Though some conditions might not be that easy to change with discipline and the right mindset, you will get it right and live that smart life as it ought to be lived, it’s very much achievable as I usually posited.

I will advise you to develop a thick skin to any habit that will most likely hamper you’re having a smart time. Don’t wait for the next minute, start now and bring that healthy life to your terrain.

Who wouldn’t want such in his life? As I clearly stated from the onset, such a pleasant time will be a thing of choice, do make yours.

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