5 Factors to Stay Safe in Time Like This


Security is simply a state of being free from danger or injury. It can be seen as a defense against financial failure and financial independence. What it means by being free from danger is the freedom from anxiety or fear that can affect people.

It is also defined as a formal declaration that documents a fact of relevance to financial investment; the holder has a right to receive interest or dividends. Security has to do with the property that your creditor can claim on your obligation as a precaution against theft or espionage or sabotage

1. Children and Home Security


Children and home security are very important in socializing the child. The areas to teach the child are as follows:

  • teach your children not to open the front door, but smile and wave hands to strangers. Teach your child the parent’s telephone number and address, and how to dial the security number in times of distress.
  • Create a family number of trusted friends or neighbors and create a simple text message they can use if scared. Develop a memorable family code word to be given only to the family trusted members.
  • Teach your children to listen to that little voice that tells them something is not right and to trust it (that is inner man, intuition, Spirit of God,) Make your home occupied at all times (leave light, radio, T.V on. Leave permanently a pair of male shoes by the front door.
  • Get a dog and properly train him, they are more trusted than human secure outfits. Police have said, that it is the prime deterrent.
  • Ensure that driveways, pathways, and entry points to homes have adequate lighting and install motion sensor light, it flashes when someone passes by doors and windows. Place a wooden or iron bar in the bottom track of all sliding doors and windows and ensure all external doors are solid and core doors, not mere fanciful doors.
  • Fix security key lockable windows and install an alarm system, and motion-sensor video camera security, and connect it with email receiving the message, rather than recording on to hard drive alone.
  • It can also be connected to the internet for you to monitor in any part of the globe. Invite neighbors with cars to park in your driveway and do not reveal your travel plans online.
  • Turn off your location service on your mobile phone if not in the kidnapers’ zone. Keep a backup of your family photos and other stuff on a separate external hard drive in case your computer is stolen or damaged and take photos of all your valuables and note the serial number on electronic equipment.

2. Cybersecurity and Data Privacy

Another area we can stay safe in times like this is to be careful of cybersecurity and data privacy. The following points are very essential.

  • Using digital reputation is now just as important as your reputation in the physical
  • Protect your data online, if you and your loved ones are victims of Cybersecurity and Data Privacy bullying
  • Turn off Wi-Fi on your mobile when you don’t need it
  • Delete any wireless data connection from your mobile or laptop when no longer in use or needed.
  • Use messengers service recommended for private correspondence, like Chat secure, signal, crytocast Tor Messenger
  • Clear your cookies or set your browser to do it automatically.
  • Remember while registering on sites of social networks the amount of information you should use in your account.

The following books are worth reading by security-conscious people

  1. Eric Quaalman: Vegas Stays on Youtube
  2. Kelving Mitnick: Art of Invisibility
  3. Mark Goodman: Future Crime
  4. David Platt: Why software sucks
  5. Neil Stevenson: Crptonomicon

3. Staying safe against kidnapping

This time, kidnapping has been prevalent throughout the world, especially in African countries. It is very important to be cautious about our movement. The following areas should be taken note of.

  • Any movement or journey not compulsory, should be avoided
  • Minimize the display of your wealth (cars, minted notes, clothing, jewelry, mobile electronics; houses.
  • Not all economic or business discussions should be done in the open
  • Do not keep many friends, any friend you did not see for 6 months needs re-assessment before uniting with him/her.
  • If you are a regular traveler, as much as your resources can permit the use of air, train, or public transport, avoid the use of branded vehicles,
  • Do not display your Identity cards publically, stickers of offices especially FIRS, NNPC, Central Bank, Presidency, communication industries, etc.
  • If you are to travel with family members, do not use the same car.
  • Be strategic in the vehicle you use, if you are in convoy movement.

4. Financial Security

At this time, it is also important to watch how we spend our money or use our possessions. If we should stay safe financially, we have to be economical in spending. Consider the below.

  • Avoid spending on luxury e.g. wrist watch for 200,000for0 instead of 2000.00
  • Any property you do not need, don’t buy it.  You will foolishly tie down the meager resources that can be used in business.
  • Set your priority right
  • Be financially disciplined
  • As a civil servant, saving towards investing in a family business is wiser than saving money for the burial of your friends’ parents. Do not be afraid of being called a stingy person, when you refuse to spend on things of hopelessness.
  • It is easier and faster to spend money than to make money.
  • Produce more of what you need domestically by yourself e. g. food, power, and security.
  • Do not factor all items of your survival on God, God is the father of all. He will not do what you are capable of doing for yourself.

5. Moral Security

Moral security is also important when we want to live long or comfortably.

  • Cultivate the fear of God in all you do
  • Do not struggle for a position to an extent of shedding blood, you will account for every life that got lost in your hand.
  • Your character is more important to God than your career
  • Let honesty and discipline be your watchword.
  • What will be will be, let go of things not approved by God
  • Remember the family name you bear is a borrowed name, originally it is not yours, do not spoil it. Generations unborn are coming to bear the same name.
  • To those in the political class, and leaders at all facets of life religious, public, and private if you cannot add value to the quality of life of people, do not milk them to starvation, do not oppress them, their Creator will revenge at the appropriate time, therefore govern with the fear of God.
  • Once moral security breaks down, it takes the grace of God to rebuild it, if it will be ever possible. Keep your moral value; it is the most expensive virtue of mankind.

This lecture was delivered by Prof. S. A. Olakojo at the Baptist Grammar School Alumni Program on the 2nd of January, 2023.

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