How to Upload and Publish Your EBook on Amazon: Training 3


Do you know you can turn your simple writings into a source of income by just converting them to eBooks on Amazon and other platforms?

EBook creation and publishing is a high-income skill that you would ever need at this time and age, because of its extensive immediate and extended benefits. With this, you can publish your eBook on Amazon, or you can publish it for others, even for free. Your dream of becoming a publisher and an author is free.

Purpose of this article

The purpose of this article is to train you on the art of writing that will be acceptable on the Amazon platform for FREE. It is to train you on how you can use the Amazon platform to CREATE, PUBLISH and SELL your well-written manuscripts making you an author, all at zero expense.

It will also expose you to how to MONETIZE, your SKILLs on the platform of Amazon from the comfort of your home. Many more skills will be gained. It’s a three days training and it’s free training.

Do you know that Amazon gives you the opportunity of creating your eBook, designing your book covers, editing, publishing, and marketing your book on the same platform with all the materials you need at your disposal and a cost of just your data/WIFI?

So, you can become a writer, a designer (graphic designs), an editor, a publisher, a marketer, and a promoter of your very own books and articles, etc.

The digital world is the future

The communication of people around the world via the Internet is on the increase and many things are now done online. We must acquire the necessary skills to enable us to participate in the opportunities of the future.

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Publishing on Amazon is one of the necessary skills required to prepare for the future. Information is the highest wealth mine on earth today. The only constant thing in life is change and the change in the digital revolution is rapid. We are currently living on a chaotic digital planet.

Observe that physical businesses are gradually becoming obsolete. Also, considering the payment methods of today almost everything is now digitalized. Though, it is unfortunate that many people in the world today are digitally illiterates.

Amazon is arguably the largest online store where buyers can purchase electronic products or even physical products via delivery options, for fees out of which an agreed percentage would go back to the owners of the products who placed the products on Amazon for sale.

What do I mean by “For Free”?

It means that you will publish your book on Amazon and Amazon would put your book on their wide, large online market and sell your book for you there to their already established audience, and then pay you what is called ROYALTIES for the sales.

So without doing much, you will earn legitimately by publishing your book on Kindle (Amazon platform)

Introduction to eBooks

Ebook is an electronic book that can be read on the internet using your phone, kindle reader, laptop, or any other device.

Ebook has only the title page and the book content. It does not have the front pages, back pages, etc. That is why it is advisable to replicate your eBook as a paperback.

A paperback is a physical (hardcopy) book that can be put on a shelf. Amazon deals with the publication of eBooks and paperback as well. They will help you print it, sell it, ship it to the buyer and credit your account…

That is, Amazon will go further to remit the earnings from the sales of your eBooks to your Bank accounts by transfer or by cheque payment.

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Amazon helps you publish your eBook via their Publishing platform (KINDLE) using 2 methods.

  • Basic method
  • Advanced method

The basic method is the beginner’s method of publishing and the purpose of this article is to learn the basic method of publishing with Amazon.

But in the Master’s Class, you will learn Advanced eBook and paperback Publishing and how to receive your Amazon payments by direct transfer to your local Bank account you submitted to them.

Basic eBook publishing method

The basic method of publishing with Amazon uses a platform called KDP. KDP means Kindle Direct Publishing.

What is Kindle Direct Publishing?

Kindle direct publishing is Amazon’s publishing platform that enables independent authors to publish their books. Publishing through KDP makes an eBook available on Amazon to kindle readers.

This makes your book visible to more readers. It can also increase the income of that individual that has succeeded in publishing on Amazon.

Steps to Publishing Your Book

  • When you login into your KDP account
  • Click on Bookshelf
  • Go to your eBook title and click the yellow button titled “continue setup”
  • On the page that opens, look for the yellow button titled “save and continue” and click on it
  • On the next page that opens, also click on “Save and Continue”.
  • The next page that opens is for you to set the pricing for your eBook.

Fill in as follows:

  • Ignore “Enroll my book in KDP select”.
  • Under Territories (worldwide rights) tab checked
  • Under Primary Marketplace, leave it at “”
  • Under “Pricing royalty and distribution”, my personal preference is 70%.
  • Under “book lending”, it is okay to leave the “Allow book lending” tab checked. If you don’t want, you can uncheck it.
  • Then, click on the yellow button titled, “Publish Your Kindle eBook”.

And with this, you expect a mail from KDP within 24-72 hours notifying you that your eBook has gone LIVE, which means that if you search for your eBook on the main Amazon app, you would see it appear, and can be purchased as other Amazon products.

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Congratulations to you as a potential author whose books would soon be published LIVE on Amazon.

Publication on Amazon comes in two forms/methods as we earlier mentioned: Basic and Advanced methods. By the time we publish our work, we would have been conversant with the basic method.

The advanced method is usually quite expensive to acquire. My classmate introduced me to this method. But when she was narrating how it goes, I found it difficult to assimilate. Today, I find the easier and I can do it.

More to know about Amazon

Amazon publishing opportunity is like a dream come true for me. The advanced method was initially 35k, from there to 20k. Being a master creator will help create you publish more of your books and earn from your writing proficiency and passion.

It will also help you to earn for publishing for others (consultancy).


Make sure you follow all the steps on how to publish your books on Amazon and get them published.

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