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On many occasions, you may be invited to give a talk on a particular topic or to be a guest speaker of the day. So also, if you are asked to write a speech to an international body on ‘the system of education in your country this kind of essay is speech writing.

Defining a Speech


A speech writing is a piece of composition which gives a talk or an address to an audience but it is not a debate since it is not judged, and also, it is not either opposing or supporting the motion. In most cases, a speech is given when we are sending someone off to recount his achievements while he was with us and to wish him well in his future endeavor.

We also make a speech to welcome those who have just joined us to an audience on a particular topic.

For example, if you are asked to give a talk to the members of the young farmers’ club on the ‘Importance of agriculture in life of a nation, what we are going to present is a speech. There are speeches to inform, speeches to praise or speeches to indict, etc.

Important Keys to Note

The following keys are crucial issues you should know in writing a speech.

  1. It is crucial to use short forms of words such as he’d, they’ve, don’t, let’s, I’m, etc. Since a speech is a live piece of composition, it should be given to a live audience.
  2. Make sure that words and sentences are short and simple for clarity and effect.
  3. It is advisable to employ personal pronouns such as; I, he/she, me, they, our, them, his/her, your, etc
  4. If the talk or the speech is for a local audience, you can use local slang or colloquialisms, witty expressions derived from idiomatic expressions, proverbs, etc.

 Clear Distinctions between a Speech and a Debate

Though a speech and a debate share certain similar characteristics, they are different in some respect. That is why we cannot say a speech is a debate and vice versa. Consider some distinctions between a speech and a debate.

  1. Bear it in mind that a debate is judged and it includes a panel of judges and timekeepers, but there is nothing like that in a speech.
  2. In a debate, you, as a speaker, speak either for or against the view or the motion but in a speech, you just present both sides of an issue.
  3. In a debate, you can destroy points supposedly raised by your opponents whereas you do not do this in a speech.
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Processes in Writing a Good Speech

There are steps to take in writing a speech. Consider them below.

Step one: Write a title.

Write the title of the speech and also make sure you state the place, the date and the time, and to whom it is being presented if necessary. Consider the titles below.



A Welcome Address Presented to the Fresh Students by the Vice Chancellor at the School Hall on 5th May 2006

The place, the date, and to whom a speech is being presented are included in the titles above.

Step two: Write an introduction.

After the title, you should develop an opening/introductory paragraph where you should greet the audience present, from the highest to the general greetings such as ‘Ladies and Gentlemen. Learn from the following paragraph:

  Honorable Deputy Vice Chancellor, Directors of Institute, Deans of Faculties, Heads of Department, all members of Staff, and Entire Students.

Remember that in the case of a speech, you will not support or oppose the motion.

Step three: Write the body of the speech (1).

After greetings, it is important to express delight at the opportunity given to deliver the speech and welcome address. Learn from the following paragraph:

    I feel highly delighted for giving me this wonderful opportunity to deliver a welcome speech in respect of the fresh students that are being admitted to this noble university and I pray that their coming to this school will be a blessing to them and the university at large.

Step four: Write the body of the speech (2).

In this case, you have to state what you want the students to do, become, etc at the end of their programs at the university. While you are making a speech, ensure that you bring in some humor and rhetorical questions to enliven your speech and hold the attention of your audience. Learn from the paragraphs below.

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     Can all stale students here join me to welcome and congratulate the fresh students on their success of admission? I asked you this because it is a great privilege to be among the students being admitted to this university. And I implore you all that none of you will misuse the great privilege you have been offered.

  The management, members of staff, and entire students welcome you all. I believe that you are here for learning, and that purpose must be pursued until it is fulfilled. In a school like this, there are different associations and different kinds of people that can negatively influence you and stand as future destroyers. Be vigilant and face your studies squarely. Abstain from any social evils such as cultism, examination malpractices, hooliganism, thuggery, prostitution, drug abuse, etc.

Step five: Write the final view of the topic.

Here, the writer should meticulously sum up and give his final view on the topic. He should also pledge on behalf of his members to be of good behavior and cooperate with them. Learn from the paragraph below.

Ladies and gentlemen, all the students that have been in the system of this university, let’s try to set good examples for the new students. We should try to implant and instill morals and good behavior in them, not bad behavior Let’s all be of good character. I say again you are all welcome.

Step six: Write a conclusion.

To conclude a speech, you should thank the audience for listening patiently to your speech. Learn from the paragraph below.

I thank everybody present here for listening attentively and patiently to this wonderful welcome address. Thank you all.

Step seven: Write your full name and designation.

It is important after the conclusion to write your name in full on the right-hand side and then followed by designation or. The designation should be written beneath your name as seen below.

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