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How to Write Job Applications Successfully and Pass Interviews


At times, many job applicants will be surprised when they are not contacted for interviews by employers while those that are contacted will still wonder why they are not called back for appointment letters.

Certain factors warrant the situation. Through our research, these factors will help all job applicants to prepare catching and apt applications and they will help all applicants to do well during interviews.

1. Follow clear instructions given and complete all aspects of the application or answer the questions.


The best candidate looks through the questions first; understand what is being asked, and draws up a process on how to answer the questions before answering. The questions are to be understood before writing anything.

It is preferable to humbly ask the interviewer to ask the question again so that you can understand it.  Don’t guess the wrong answer.

If you are not sure of the answer to the question asked, just say you don’t have an idea or say I think it is not a mistake… and then say what you have in mind.

It is not professional to simply say ‘What you are not sure of (Wrong thing). The interviewers even understand that it is not all questions you can answer perfectly but you must present yourself professionally.

2. Have a clear sense of their weak areas and demonstrate how they are working to improve those areas 

The best candidate can point out which values they struggle with, describe a time they struggled with displaying it, and how they learned from their experience. The research of the company you want to work with must matter to you.

No company operations are perfect, but if you can identify the areas of weakness and try to explain how you would find solutions to the weak areas, you will have the upper hand rather than the others.

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For example, if you have been invited as a Marketing Manager in a publishing company, you have to point out the areas that the company’s products have not covered and that their rivals are making sales there.

Try to identify the area(s) and assure the company that if you are employed, the areas will be covered and sales will be made for the company.

3. Do appropriate research

As said earlier, the best candidate should do the appropriate research to get a better understanding of the task and build on already existing and available material to improve upon working with the company.

It is easier these days to get information about the company. Several companies have a website or at least a blog. If you search for the name of the company, you get to know the information about the company.

Even if the company does not have a website and it has been existing for a long time, some organizations will capture its information. For example: if you have applied to the Telecommunications, IT, School, Oil, Publishing, etc. companies, It is important to research the information such as profile, core values, services, products, team members, management members, vision, mission, etc.

4. Demonstrate a clear understanding of the company’s style and culture

 The best candidate should take the time to go through the company’s social media pages and subscribe to their newsletter to learn more about their style, culture, and how they engage with the audience.

This step will make the company believe that the candidate will be the best one. Companies these days hunt for a candidate who is very resourceful in current affairs.

Also, each candidate has its own culture and style of how it operates. During the interview, the candidate can be asked to state anything related to their culture and style of operations.

The only candidate who gets the information will get the answer. Try to understand the company’s culture and style.

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5. Display high attention to detail

 Although this is very important in the writing interview, we need it. The best candidate should notice typos in the company’s values booklet, and they should format their answers well and pay attention to their grammar and presentation.

This will give the company’s impression that the candidate is very sensitive and meticulous. It is expected from the smart candidate to write and answer the questions with high a sense of intelligence.

Take notice of the sequence, grammar, good sentences, etc. Even if the questions are mixed with some typos and errors, it is expected of you to correct the typos and errors in your answers.

This shows what you can deliver. For example, this skill is expected from writers, editors, proofreaders, and the like.

6. Have career goals aligned with the company’s business strategy

Do you have a career goal? I believe that you don’t just write anyhow. The best candidate should have a clear understanding of what the company does and how that fits with their personal career goals.

What can make you stand out as an applicant is to have a career goal and state it during an interview. How you can shape the department and the company at large to a high level of success. What you can offer the company is very important to say it.

The strategy to use to work and record achievements is the utmost. Try to convince the interviewers of the positive changes that you will bring to the company if you are employed.

Smartly and cleverly state your goals and how they will be achieved in the company if you are employed. Also, if the interviewers ask about your future career goal. This is a trick question to be sure whether you are the candidate the organization can rely on and invest in.

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Just cleverly and professionally answer that your future career goal is to learn more until you become one of the management team of the organization.

Even if you have it in your plan that you will go further in your education or other things in the next one or two years, be silent about that during interviews.

7. Have the relevant experience

 Experience is the best teacher. Every company needs an experienced candidate to take the company to a high level of success.

Even though some companies train certain candidates for certain positions, many companies still hunt for experienced and resourceful candidates to use their resources to change the company positively.

The best candidate should have previous work experience that is relevant to this position. Even if you are a fresh candidate, try to find something that will earn you experience no matter how little it is.

But seek an experience that is relevant to your educational qualifications. For example, if you have teaching qualifications, try to teach in schools to have the teaching experience no matter how it is.

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