Learning from the Tragedy of a Wasted Life


We are living in a wide and confused world. The world is full of different doom and horror. Every beat of breaking of the day exposes us to a long row of tough times. In every facet of life, there is happening. Above all, technology has metamorphosed the world into different odds and bad apples.

However, this piece of writing is the x-rayed of the life of a young lady who was described by herself in her last statement at the point of death as a wasted life. What made her lament like this is for us not to end up like her and not to make the same comment. You must have something to learn anyway.

As she was born with a silver spoon in her mouth, one of the joys of being a child was not to lack any good regarding the standard of living. Moyin was one of the people that were privileged to know what it took for a person to enjoy life. Her parents were well-to-do and her father was a big fish in this country. Moyin’s colleagues respected her because her latest dresses were hers. People saw them as ‘Jewels of the land.’ The most beautiful of her life was that she was mobile as a teen and this gave her more hands-on campus and was rated high among the big girls in the school. On campus, she was respected by both students and lecturers.

I had a one-day visit to my hometown where I had to carry out some important assignments and return to Lagos. I returned and I had to finish all the paperwork and collected the documents before boarding the bus. I had all the proofs except my passport-size photos. The manager asked me to get my passport photos clicked and developed at a nearby photo studio. I entered the studio and asked the photographer to provide my photos in 20 min as I have just about an hour to catch the bus. He said that he could be done and asked me to step inside to take the snaps. He said my face looked dull and asked me to comb my ruffled hair. It is normal in Nigeria for small photo studios to have a mirror, comb, and powder so that people can freshen up a little before taking their pictures. I had a particularly long day and was not in the mood to take a perfect picture. I also was in a hurry but still obliged and combed my hair. He started taking my pictures and was unhappy with each click saying my eyes don’t look quite right. He kept asking me to look up, down, right, and left, and still not pleased with each picture. I grew a bit annoyed at this point and told him, ‘That’s how my eyes look and there’s nothing much he could do to change it.’ Finally, we agreed upon one picture and I reminded him about the urgency and headed for my lunch.

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I came from the launch, packed my baggage, and returned to Lagos. When I was back in Lagos, Something terrible happened. The Baptism of Fire just happened and my journey was odd. As we know that life is a metamorphosis. Things began to change for Moyin’s parents. Their fountain of joy turned to sorrow. Her parents collapse and she was unable to maintain herself again. All this started when Moyin was in 200 and had to fight for survival. In other words, she had to struggle and worked tooth and nail. The struggle was intended to retain and continue to maintain her status led her to engage in self-reliant deeds.

Moyin was swimming in the pool of tragedy. Her life was battered by the kind of life she was living. Her group was named the ‘young generation’. These girls dominated the campus, messing them with easy sexes, smoking, and all sorts of atrocities. Above all, they lived their lives as they wanted it.

As we know that a bad company corrupts good manners. This was Moyin’s saying. On a fateful day, Moyin and her friends set out for a party that ruined her life. It was at that party that Moyin ran out of luck. She was uselessly raped by masked men who landed her in the hospital. It was a horrible experience.

When Moyin was discharged from the hospital, the state of her health began to come to a pretty pass. Consequently, she was confused and decided to seek counsel from the doctor. Moyin was eventually diagnosed HIV positive. Reading this result, she was wet and trembled. She was as if the land opened and swallowed her. It seemed Moyin’s death warrant had been announced.

No man can determine what will happen tomorrow and even with a wink of eyes. What happens to people in life is a mystery. Moyin’s nature of sickness was worse than before and all the drugs she took were not helping matters. When her life was no longer bearable, she always experienced painful and nasty life. She cried her eyes out and said, ‘I came to this world in vain and I lived an unfulfilled life. I became a waste to my generation. What a miserable life!’ She then decided to be a man and drank poison.

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Summary of the Story

The bitter waters remind Moyin of many people’s lives. The beginning looks great with wonderful things on the horizon, but the experience leaves her bitter and bleak. Moyin’s life is a replica of man’s life that can end in hopelessness and helplessness if the step is meander. We come across many experiences from time to time. Some of them are sweet; some are sour and some are even bitter. It does not matter what you may pass through. Your parents may be rich or not.

Understanding the way you live your life today is the foundation of what tomorrow says. Dreams of life and steps of actualization of your dream can only shut the door at life’s wasting. The story should be read by all people to learn.

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