List of Office Equipment Necessary in a Company


Office equipment refers to the permanent or temporal assets, tools, or machines used by workers in an organization. They usually facilitate the work done daily in other to meet up with the goal and objectives of such an organization. They are machines, cabinets, devices, tools, and other resources used in carrying out or performing various official activities. They usually assist in the performance of official assignments. There is much office equipment that performs important functions in an organization. Some of the office equipment include the following:

List of Office Equipment


  • Computer
  • Typewriter
  • Printer
  • Furniture
  • Stapler
  • Perforator
  • Photocopier
  • Calculator
  • Duplicating machine
  • Fling cabinets
  • Paper clips
  • Mobile phone
  • Drawing board based on the type of work done in an organization
  • Laminating machine
  • Scanner
  • Envelope sealing machine


This is an electronic machine that is used presentable manner from the original manuscript i. e. the handwritten type. It is an electronic device that is used to accept data, process data, and output data in accordance with prescribed information called a program.


A printer helps to produce hard copies of documents with the help of ink or toners whenever it is connected to the central processing unit (CPU) of a computer.


This is another office equipment that is used to produce documents as well in a neat way compared with normal handwriting but not as neat as that computer.  This is achieved by inserting the backing and typing sheet into the typewriter and striking the keys on the keyboard to affect the marks on the typing sheet. The typewriter has two types which include manual and electric.

Calculating machine

This is a machine that performs the work of addition, subtraction, arithmetic and mathematical function, division, and multiplication according to the choice of the user without stress.  It is also called adding machine.


Stapler is a device that is helped to fasten documents together firmly with the assistance of a staple pin. It has different shapes and sizes and they work based on the capacity of how they are made.

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A perforator is used to create little holes in paper so as to make it easy to insert and pass a file tag to fasten a document. We have single and double perforators which are used according to the taste or choice of the user.

Laminating machine

This produces plastic covering as a protector for documents so as to stay longer in the archive for future reference. It is a machine that is used to preserve documents by enveloping important documents with film paper to prevent damage by water.

Duplicating machine

The duplicating machine is another type of machine that helps office workers to duplicate several copies of a document with the help of a stencil. Stencil is a specially coated sheet that has the ability to produce as many copies as possible after the typist has typed on it. It makes use of a particular ink called duplicating ink during production.

Filling cabinet

This is office equipment used to store documents for quick retrieval in the future. It usually has different drawers ranging from three upwards according to the taste of the organization. It can be of wood, iron, or plastic type.

Envelops sealing machine

This is office equipment used to seal envelopes for the dispatch of mail. It seals envelopes neatly and in a presentable manner as it avoids the use of saliva and gum to seal envelopes.

Franking machine

This is an office machine used to measure mail to determine the appropriate stamp to be affixed on the mail to be dispatched by post.

Dictation machine

This is a machine used to take down information or messages instead of writing. It is used in a meeting to take the message discussed in the meeting


This is office equipment used to destroy all documents or mail that are not needed anymore in an office.

Fax machine

This is a machine that is used to send messages from one place to another by dialing the number of the machine at the destination of the message.

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Importance or uses of office equipment

  • Office equipment helps to produce a very neat and presentable document anytime.
  • It reduces time wasted in getting some work done e. g. correction of grammatical errors during the production of the document.
  • Several copies of documents can be made at once through the use of carbon paper.
  • Production of documents will still be done even if there is no electricity with the help of a typewriter.
  • It is very easy to get some arithmetic and mathematical work done within a short time with the assistance of a calculator.
  • Information can be kept for many years without much problem due to storage devices in computers.
  • Retrieval of information is no more wasting time because of different methods used in filling out documents these days such as alphabetical, chronological filing, and so on.
  • The information inside files is no more missing because of the file tag and the use of a stapler that helps to hold different sheets of documents firmly together.
  • It saves time as the machine is faster than man.
  • It increases productivity.
  • It reduces stress and boredom associated with work.
  • It boosts the image and goodwill of the organization.
  • It facilitates prompt and quick updating of information.
  • It makes human being to be more efficient.

Care of office equipment

  • Keep computers in a dry environment
  • Keep computers away from excessive heat.
  • During keyboarding, put on your air condition or fan as a coolant from excessive heat.
  • Wipe the screen and keyboard regularly with a clean duster.
  • Apply oil where necessary based on the type of machine in use in the office.
  • Plug all computers into surge protectors.
  • Read the manufacturers’ specifications regularly on the care of office equipment you are using.
  • Don’t overfill the paper tray during production to avoid the jam of paper wasting time and energy.
  • Fan paper very well before insertion into the machine
  • Clean computers weekly.
  • Use spray cleaner to wipe the outside from dust.
  • Service your machine regularly through the assistance of the technician and engineers i. e. form a regular maintenance habit.
  • Buy quality equipment without minding the cost.
  • Listen to the machine – what kind of noise or sign does it make?
  • Use a long soft brush to remove dust from the interior of the equipment.
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This article has discussed the list of office equipment we can’t do without, the uses or importance of office equipment in a company, and the care of office equipment to contribute immensely to the development of the company. If all the listed items have been used wisely, the company will go smoothly and grow.

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