How to Become the Best High School Student


Becoming a student drained with work such as assignments, events, projects, laboratory exercises, and some personal issues is truly difficult, but all of these become reality through hard work. If a student wants to achieve the aim and goals, they have set for themselves, they will have to work hard and never mind any obstacle that is coming their way. There are crucial factors that may be responsible for fighting the motives of students’ goals to become the best High School Students.

Passion to lead the class


There is nothing like passion. Passion prompts you when it seems weary and tired. Passion will make you see vision and future where people do not see them. Passion to come to school early, passion to listen in class; passion to do the assignments and submit them on time; passion to study hard; passion to ask relevant questions, and passion to keep good friends that will help and improve his/her academics. When have these passions, you will become the best High School student.

Class participation

Class participation is key to emerging as the best students in High Schools. There are some activities in the classroom that will require students to participate such as asking relevant questions, being eager to know more, and contributions if needed. These will improve you to perform better in the tests and examinations. More, the knowledge you gain will b useful in the future. Also, it is important to participate in extramural classes to learn some psychomotor activities such as games, knowledge, and skills.

Regular class attendance

To be the best High School student, you should attend class regularly and on time. This will help you lead the class and also be the best in the school. You can actively participate in class discussions. This will help you understand the material better and make the most of your education. The students who do not skip the classes may not perform well in the tests and examinations. And it will be difficult for sure students to be on top of the class.

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Personal development/studies

Personal development is an essential aspect of the lives of people. It covers a wide scope in the areas of life. On the job, when you have personal development, your promotion will be quicker. So also, the students who are aiming to be the best in High school must go the extra mile to study more and develop themselves personally. When you do this, you will have the upper hand to be on top in the class and the school in general. To be self-motivated, you have to eat healthy, sleep comfortably, and do regular activities so that you will be in a good position to read and understand what has been read.

Seeking academic help

There is no how you can achieve in life without mentors and coaches. There are direct and indirect mentors. A direct mentor advises and encourages you directly but an indirect mentor is one whose lifestyle trains and teaches or affects your life positively. As a student, you seek academic help from your teachers, serious friends, sisters, brothers, parents, or others who serve as your mentors. Approach those that can help you achieve your academic excellence. Do not be proud or afraid to seek help when needed. It is a way of socialization. Seeking academic help will refine you more and become the best student in High School.


Taking notes during class will help you remember the materials better. It is also a great way to review the material and stay on top of your class and studies. First, a good and promising student must be able to take notes of everything the teacher is saying in the classroom, especially the important points in the discussions. Also, a good student who is aiming to be on top of the class and the school must write the notes completely. Completing the notes on time will allow him/her to revise what he/she has been taught.

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Time management

Time management is essential for success in High School. That is why as a good student, you should be able to manage time wisely. When you manage your time, it means you plan your schedule for your study. You have to manage your time for your assignments, time to read at home, time to eat, time to sleep, and time to come to school. When you can manage your time judiciously, you will be able to scale through your academics and achieve success.

Love all the subjects

There is no how you will hate some subjects that you will think of loving the teachers who are teaching the subjects. It is not possible. The aggregate of all subjects will make you the best High School students. If you think a subject or some subjects give you a tough time, try to relate with the teacher in charge or go the extra mile to those difficult subjects. If you can take a bold step to know them, I believe it will be achievable. From there, your performance will be amazing, and become the best High School student.

What to avoid

Apart from the areas we have discussed above, some factors affect the success of academic excellence which debar students to become the best in High Schools. If every student can take note and work on those factors, they will be able to become the best students in High Schools. This article has highlighted some of those factors that are very essential.

Social media

Social media affects students a lot because they cause distractions. Examples of such social media are Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, Twitter, Telegram, WhatsApp, etc. Distractions cannot let the students focus on his/her studies again. Through much concentration on social media, they will begin to withdraw from their studies. If they are addicted to the kinds of social media, they will lose their focus on their academics. They cannot become the best students.

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Peer pressure

Peer pressure is also an active factor that can debar students to become the best students in High Schools.  There is an adage that says show me your friend and I will tell you who you are. “The bad company, they say, corrupts good manners.” If you want to become the best in High School, you will carefully choose friends that have a vision and can help you in your academics.

Corrupt environment

A corrupt environment is a good factor affecting students’ goals to become the High School Best students. Research showed that a student who lives in a good environment where there are sound academic people will perform better than a student who lives in a corrupt environment in which poor people and dullards live. If a student is far from the environment of an academic area, such a student will be far from academic excellence. And there is no guarantee of becoming the best in High School.


Students should learn how to be focused though there will be difficulties, but they should learn how to stand strong. Organization of the students is also needed. They should comport themselves in the classroom, school environment, and at home. Parents also should not introduce the use of electronic gadgets such as phones, laptops, etc to their children at the critical stages of their lives. The school authorities should create some academic programs that will initiate the genius and potential in students. The following tips we mentioned in this article will make you the best High School student.

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