The Undiscussed Issues with Single Gender Classroom


Some issues might have been omitted, which are crucial to the lives of some particular gender, most especially female folks. A lot still needed to be told as to how life should be in various strata of life.

There are so many undiscussed issues that single-gender classrooms ought to know that have been left unattended, this might be counterproductive if the right things are not done at the right time.

Single-gender classrooms will benefit a lot if certain facts about life are not shielded from their knowledge, they ought to know these things to face life headlong. Any attempt at denying them can only make for half-baked individuals.

It would do society a whole lot of good if these classes of individuals acquire the right amount of knowledge when the opportunity arises.

Some issues ought to be discussed but are yet to be discussed among these single-gender classrooms, crucial among them are listed below

Sex education


This is one area that has been left unattended for a long time coming, not until that laxity is bridged, the society might be unknowingly courting an insurmountable problem.

Just as I earlier pointed out, narrowing it down to the female gender, and keeping out certain issues we felt might be too much for their age might not augur well. No harm in letting young girls know more about their male counterparts.

They ought to be fed with everything revolving around being a boy/man, no harm in teaching them all about male body parts; it will only enhance their understanding of sex education.

These sets of individuals only have a fair idea about their bodies; some might see the boys as aliens, based on body structure and manner of carriage.

Another key issue that single-gender single-gender classrooms need more enlightenment on is the area of sex, as a greater number of them knew next to nothing.

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There are even sad stories where kids of the same gender engage in illicit sexual affairs, this is unacceptable, and the main reason why some undiscussed issues need to be brought to the limelight.

The curricula in various forms should accommodate the development of sex education where growing students will be to the dangers and scandals of earlier sex.

Dream realizations

Another key area that I felt the society failed in undiscussed issues with single-gender classrooms is in the area of telling them how to either sustain or build vintage dreams for themselves.

This will be one step ahead once it is done holistically and within the framework of their understanding, the purpose would have been defeated if the discussed issues seemed elitist and bogus-like, the single-gender level ought to be put into consideration.

The girls can be taught how to start developing their minds at this age of their lives, which will go on to shape their dreams later on.


I remain with the female gender strictly for one key reason, it’s one gender that is so fragile, they need all the support they can get to feel among.

Any single classroom where a topic like feminism is brought up needs to be enlightened more on how to go about it without conflicting with the opposite sex.

Events have shown that some segments of the female gender tend to over-flog issues when it comes to playing the feminist card, they tend to be too over-possessive, a step that has continued to breed conflicts in certain spheres of life.

They should be made to understand that being a feminist shouldn’t turn them into a mini dictator; it should be done with a human face and within the ambit of the law.


It can be likened to dreams, the only difference is that it might be more practicable than the former. Single-gender classrooms should be tutored on how to be that fellow they wanted to be, how to be a responsible citizen, ways to take, and how to turn what they have learned in the four corners of classrooms into reality.

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Such undiscussed issues should be handled professionally so the young ones can get the scope of what they are being lectured about.

They ought to know the beauty of structuring life ambitions at such an early age and how it will go on to benefit them later as they grow into adulthood


This is one area that requires a lot of discussion, no amount of time devoted will be too much. Though both genders should benefit more from such discussion more emphasis will be going towards the female gender because they are mostly at the receiving end.

Research showed certain undiscussed issues might not be too healthy in that it’s depriving females of a whole lot of what they ought to know as they grow into full adulthood.

Abuse is something that shouldn’t be condoned in any sane society, it would have been a step in the right direction if such single-gender classrooms were given tutorials that would help shape their mentalities as they go on to face the realities of life. They deserve to know why abuse shouldn’t be condoned

Sensitivity of opposite sex

One undiscussed issue which I felt needed more deliberations is in the area of the opposite sex; this is a crucial topic that single-gender classrooms needed more clarification on. Our society is full of prostitution, homosexualism, lesbianism, and the like simply because the victims are not exposed to the sensitivity and the outrage of the opposite sex at their earlier stages. When they are growing up, they will not see something bad in their involvement.

They ought to be in the know as to how the other gender does its own thing, talking about carriage, growth, feeding, and other sensitive aspects of life.

Doing this will only forge a healthy bond, which can easily translate to having a healthy society. Such an undiscussed issue needed all it takes to bridge as it Germaine in the lives of people concerned

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Another thing we shouldn’t shy away from is the issue of cultism which has continued to take the world by storm.

I strongly believe if single-gender classrooms have potent discussions and are inundated with the dangers of engaging in such, then, we can rest assured of seeing the beginning of the end.

Some schools wouldn’t want to bring up such an issue; their excuse is that they don’t want to expose the minds of the younger ones to such a dangerous trend. All I see is pretense, shying away from facing reality. It’s better to teach them now so they could know how to say no when invited


It wouldn’t be a bad idea if these single-gender classes were introduced to what parenting entails at such an age; it can only make them better appreciate the efforts of their parents and also prepare them as to what to expect when they become one.

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