Top 10 Home Schooling YouTube Channels for Your Kids


Your little ones deserve the very best, don’t settle for less, and remember that whatever you feed them will eventually determine who they will turn out to be, which easily translates to what they feed their eyes on and what they listen to will tell what their character will be in future.

Gone are those days when there isn’t much choice for these young ones, not anymore, the coming of the internet has bridged such shortcomings to the delight of all.

Your kids now have a variety of choices, there are so many homeschooling channels that will contribute meaningfully to their well-being, it will further help expand their horizons, and such avenues can help make them very good in their academic pursuits.

One such avenue to get these healthy items is the popular YouTube, pay a visit and you will never be disappointed

Are you a parent? Are you considering the best homeschooling YouTube Channels for your kids, then, try these outlets

Wow Math


This is one channel that should be on the list of your kid’s YouTube channels because it’s got a lot to do with their psyche, it will help them a great deal. Are your kids having issues with their Math?

Do any of them find calculations too tough or uninteresting? Do they usually run away from anything that involves calculations? This is one avenue to help them out, please do all you can to make them like it, it will benefit them later.


Do you want your little kids to be very good at numbers? Then get subscribed to this channel, another wonderful innovation from the stable of YouTube.

It’s so simplified that these little ones will always demand more. The organizers made sure it suited the age it is prepared for; it was not too stringent for them to understand.

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My only advice to parents out there is to always be by the side of these kids and point them towards the right way; they ought to be guided around numbers due to their tender age.


Strictly meant to tutor the little ones on science-related science-related subjects, it will go a long way in opening their eyes to the intrigues surrounding sciences and discoveries relatimust-have.

A must-have channel is Verisatium, don’t forget to add it to the collection of homeschooling YouTube channels you are packaging for your kids, it will help broaden their understanding of man, science, and otherworldly items

Whiz Kids

Just as its name implies, it’s one channel that will add a lot to the understanding of your kids’ mental intelligence. The channel has a lot under its stable, though, focusing mainly on science but subscribers will also enjoy other varieties of services based on pre-arranged agreements.

Don’t ever settle for less, whiz-kid is one channel you should insist on when sorting through the best homeschooling YouTube channels for your loved ones, it will help them a great deal


If not the best channel, Netflix is strictly built for movies and other home-based entertainment, it went further to carve a niche for itself in that there are segments strictly dedicated to kids’ enjoyment.

Subscribers will continue to thank their stars for coming on board this great channel; it changed the face of entertainment in a big form.

Your little ones stand the chance of watching movies strictly built for their age grade, talking of films that will enhance their knowledge and help their mental capacity.

A note of warning though, parents should pay much importance to movies with PG (Parental Guidance), it simply means you need to be around for them to watch such manner of movie, do the needful, please

Socratica Studio

This channel will help broaden the knowledge of history in your kids, I once learned the channel was purposely chosen by some schools to further broaden the interest in history in their students, and it worked out.

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History is one part of life that needed to be embraced, whichever way it comes. A good parent shouldn’t limit their wards from accessing history channels, it’s good for them.

Aside from history, Socratica Studio is also proud of itself in the area of Math, Science, and Language Arts, you can see it as one channel to have for the kids


Looking for clean and neat videos that will further expand the chances of your kids gaining more outside their normal classroom? Then, you need to settle for TedEducation, another super wonderful channel to decide on.

The way the creators built this channel is kind of interesting, and the level of benefits is quite astonishing; call it a real education channel and you will be spot on.

If you think what you will get here is limited, then you are wrong, wait for it, do you know this super homeschooling channel has an array of topics that are well arranged in their library? Parents should make sure it’s one of the channels they voted for

Hoopla Kidzlab

Looking for more fun and fun that will never dull the spirit of your loved ones? Then, Hoopla Kidzlab is it, consists of several sub-channels that will give you money’s worth.

My research even showed it made science so much fun, far better than what some other channels offer, simply due to its way of presenting it in educational form.

Don’t deny your kids the joy of experiencing science in another interesting form, add this channel to their list of Youtube channels, and they will surely thank you

Yo Kids

Looking for avenues that can help your kids improve greatly in drawing and other educational pursuits? Yo Kids is one channel that will give the right answer to your search.

Its library has an array of videos that will help the little ones in such regard . Its simplicity will help them get it quickly, a service you cannot get elsewhere.

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Experts in the education sector have also testified to its efficacy in brushing the kids’ smartness to an enviable height, they argued it will help them catch up with an amazing speed.

Smarter Everyday

I think the name says it all, another cool channel that should be listed to be among your kids’ homeschooling YouTube channels. These channels have enough to take your kids to the next level, go for it

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