Top 10 Steps to Make Money Remotely: New Research


It is believed that not only office jobs can make one rich. There are many jobs aside office jobs that earn a lot of people huge amount of money if properly done. You may become in your comfort zones and make legitimate money. That is, you may be at home or in your office working with different companies across the world.

1. Explore affiliate marketing to make money.

There are affiliate marketing programs you can enroll in and make money if you make sales. The only step you have to take is to have social medial platforms or blogs in which you can create promotional copies and adverts.

Build the team that will be converted to money/income with time. Once you keep your traffic stayed, then you will make money.

This works by applying for affiliate programs for approval and after the approval, you will promote their products for your traffic and make a lot of money.


If you have social media platforms and you have built a team, you can apply for affiliate program with  through ClickBank, CJ.c, om, and Rakuten LinkShare.

If your application is approved, you will start promoting their products on your platforms or blog and make money. But you must do your marketing ethically.

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2. Develop online courses to make money.

Other people are making money from home when they create online courses. Once you build the team, you may first give them the courses freely.

When they discover that the materials are useful and provide them benefits, you can sell the materials for them. Then, you will begin to make money from your sweats.


Create some course materials today and enroll with the platforms below to get started. Use sites such as Udemy, Ankur Nagpal’s, Teachable, or Jonathan Cronstedt’s Kajabi to build those courses and begin marketing.

3. Launch a service business to make money.

Another profitable way to generate income is to provide services (Consultancy). You as a service provider should plan and organize how to identify the problems and find solutions to them.

In this case, you should build a team of professionals and networks that will be working in different fields. If you are well organized, you will secure contracts and make a lot of money.


Decide today to establish something aside your salary job no matter how small it is.

4. Join the sharing economy to make money.

We are now in the world of the connected revolution where the sellers and buyers are connected. You can start to give out what you have and get money.

For example, rent out your camera, car, bus, knowledge, bike, etc., and make money.


Sit down, look around your areas and think about the talent the people around you like and they don’t have. You can seize the opportunity to give it or them out and make money.

5. Host an event to make money.

As a social person or caterer, your work is not only to operate in your veranda but also to organize or host a superb that will create awareness for your business.

Create a free avenue to meet up with a group of people for a discussion on your business. You can also run free events to mobilize people.

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Take steps today to seize the opportunity of seminars, workshops, conferences, congregation, and others to create awareness for your business.

6. Purchase high dividend stocks to make money.

As a trader, you should buy higher dividend stocks and make money. You can create a regular passive income at an annual rate that is much higher than what you get on bank investments. This will bring you profits and from there, you earn money.


Think of what you can do or buy today that will earn you higher dividends and generate you money.

7. Write an e-book to make money.

This is an area in which authors/writers make money passively. You write books and publish them online where millions of people will have access to your materials.

Before you know it, your knowledge will begin to generate funds for people. You can either sell the e-book on your website or offer it as an affiliate arrangement with other websites that provide content related to your e-book.


As authors, you can sell your e-books on amazon, lulu, Okada books, etc. There’s a lot of work upfront. But once that’s done, and the book goes into the sales stage, it becomes a completely passive venture.

8. Become a business silent partner to make money.

An adage says, “Money brings money”. A wise person who has money may sponsor some companies or businesses and become the stakeholders of the companies sharing their profits.


Do you know of a successful business that needs capital for expansion? You can become someone of a small-time angel investor and provide that needed capital. Your money will bring you returns.

9. Become a referral source to make money.

Almost every business has a referral program. Every small business needs referral sources to maintain sales.

In this way, you will be expected to bring customers to them and get the commission percentage. Many people that are referrals for different companies and have been rich.

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Make a list of small business providers that you use regularly and feel you can recommend to others without reservation. Then contact the owners and see if they have any kind of cash referral offers available.

10. Build and sell an app to make money.

App building has been a profitable income source if properly done. It may be challenging in the first instance. If it is successful and people are aware of it, it will be a stew-pot.

Many apps have been successful while many have not. But with time, every app will be successful because there will be a time that people will need it and use it.

For example, zoom has been existing for a very long time while nobody knows it and uses it. When COVID-19 struck, zoom is well known and used. The time of zoom has come now since then.


Think of developing an app today. Even if you cannot develop an app, you can seize the opportunity to invest in well-developed apps, you don’t know when the app will boom out.


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