Top 17 Educational Apps Any Learner Can Use


Just as I highlighted in my previous write-ups on issues about some special Apps which can easily facilitate teaching and make it more fun for students, I would still like to buttress more on that subject matter.

Research has shown clearly how these Apps have continued to bring out the best in students, there is a sharp rise in kids’ efficiency, a very sharp departure from what we earlier had. What does that tell you? Isn’t that a step in the right direction?

After a careful study of the various Apps out there, I came up with the top 20 Educational Apps For Schools in the Year 2022, find them below and get to use them appropriately



Are you looking for an App to help your students stay organized and well-prepared at all times? Then, The App that should be introduced into the picture is Evernote, basically used for taking notes.

It has shown it has the capability of taking notes in audio and text formats, not leaving out images and video recordings. It has also proven its mettle in the area of saving web content with ease, faster than its peers.

It has also shown that it can easily create to-do lists, and can even go as far as connecting with Google Calendar, just to make up for carefully outlined schedules

Write-On Videos

If you want to try something new by bringing out the creativity in your students, then, the App to vote for is Write-On Videos.

Many features that come with the App make it possible to easily create storyboards and tinker videos with ease. It has been proven beyond doubt that the App makes learning fun


Are you on the lookout for Apps with close relativity to Literature? SparkNotes will fit in perfectly, as it has been built to take care of all aspects that have to do with study guides for poetry, literature, and so on.

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No doubt, it will be of immense help to students in literature classes. Its free trials give you unhindered access to everything that revolves around the App; it will be so much fun once it’s installed.


Strictly built to help students having issues with paying attention when classes are in full swing, it will help them focus when due.

Developed so that students wouldn’t take their hands off a device for a moment when a class is on to gain the required concentration.

The developers made it out by planting a virtual tree that will keep enlarging as long as the user’s hands are still fixed on the device, not until he/she takes hands-off


Do you want your students to solely be responsible for building their flashcards? Then, go for the Quizlet App, it’s the right answer to making students be at their best when talking about developing flashcards that can be shared with friends and other users.

Language and science mastery is another important factor why this App is needed

Oxford Dictionary

Am sure it needs much introduction, call it a household name, then, you will be spot-on. The dictionary will always be an integral part of not only students but every knowledge-seeking individual out there.

Another interesting thing about this app is that it’s built to also contain features for audio translations. It’s a must-have and will go on to be of great help


Mainly built to act as a communicator between students and friends alike, it helps for ease of reaching out in record timing.

Learning tools can be shared from any corner of Remind, it also makes for ease of uploading content supplied by other users. Just like others, it’s fun when it is installed on one’s system


Just like the Quizlet App, this App can also be explored in creating flashcards and put to several uses. The only slight difference is that the StudyBlue flashcard can move on to be customized, which you can now share with other users. It also has other benefits like being able to accept large quantities of study materials

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Are your students so desirous of colleges to attend? Are they having issues as to the best colleges to put in for? Then, help them with this App. Its inbuilt features will help them select the best of the best, C’reer also helps in analyzing assessments which will go on to tell strengths from weaknesses.


If your students have finally decided on the right colleges for them, I felt the next crucial step is to get to know certain things about the colleges.

Crucial info like college fees, updates on admissions, locations, courses offered facilities, and so on. This App will easily guarantee them all these luxuries with ease


If your choice is to seek courses that will suit you mainly from Universities based in the United States, talking of top-ranked schools in the US, you will need this App as a form of guide.

The courses vary no doubt, but can mainly be found in Tech and Sciences. There are helpful videos to watch which can prepare students for the test and the likes

Chegg Study

The App has a lot to offer, ranging from helping students learn from outside the four walls of schools to helping them rent educational books both in audio and printed form.

There is also the possibility of getting needed materials to help with homework and other tasks assigned


This kind of App is used to record while a class goes on, you can easily use proceeding, even when you are busy in the classroom.

It improves listening. It also allows you to present notes and easily share them with other users like you. Apart from that, it can be used to make a note. It is a note-taking tool.


As the name indicates, Mathway is specifically developed to help kids who have issues with their Mathematics and calculations. The App also has tools that can take down voices and give necessary feedback in voice notes.

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This good App is there on our phones. As it is on our mobile phones and other appliances, such as gadgets, the App can be installed on students’ and kids’ devices to give reminders and other things to do things for a certain period.


When we want to solve language and language-related subjects, this is the best App to solve it. o Duolingo is so simplified that you can get it in no time. The App always offers a variety of languages up to the tune of close to 40

Newsela Student

This App is built to enhance the reading culture among students and kids.  Newsela Student is the most interesting and exciting App with an assessed calculator. It helps in knowing one’s progress.

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