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Top 5 Benefits of Online Schools


Gone are those days when schooling will end abruptly in times of unforeseen crises, talking of unfortunate situations whereby almost all activities will be brought to a standstill.

All thanks to the new idea of transmitting education more concisely, talking of transmitting teaching through the internet, the new rave of the moment.

Something tells me 9 out of 10 parents will almost give their blessings to this new development no thanks to its attendant benefits

I wouldn’t say it isn’t without its fault but I can beat my chest and confidently say that the advantages far outweigh its downsides, even the demerits can be easily worked on or minimized to their barest minimum. Clearly outlined below are some noticeable benefits of online schooling

Consideration of Multitude


Imagine the total population or number of students that can be easily reached teaching online placed side by side with a regular classroom, am sure the resultant result will be enough for every discerning mind to ponder.

A teacher/lecturer can easily teach a large number of students who log on when the teaching is stipulated, such a number would have been difficult to contain in a class.

I am even certain the crowd would have been intimidating, to say the least, but that cannot be the same if lectures are held online.

All that has to be done is give out a dedicated link or code to each student and a certain time will be agreed on when the class will take place and the probable time when it will come to a close.

Consideration of Location

Your destination matters less when we were talking of conducting teaching through the net, without sounding immodest, this is one significant achievement the progenitor of this idea scored, they have done a wonderful job in such respect.

A teacher can be in the Pacific region while his students are Africa-based, teaching will go on unhindered.  All that is needed is data and functional gadgets that could easily capture all that is taught.

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We have seen situations whereby schooling will be disrupted in times of war or any sort of natural disaster beyond human comprehension.

A good example is when the Corona Virus held sway, we are all witnesses to what happened both at the workplaces and our schools, activities were hampered in such a huge way, and scheduled classrooms and, exams were greatly affected, a huge setback to education sector, not forgetting other vital sectors of the economy.

I witnessed how sweet and smooth this technology was while watching students undergo classes in various subjects.

Once you got a reliable data network then you are on the way to covering more grounds even more than what a normal class would have covered.

It’s now common sightseeing the working-class group applying to acquire degrees by simply applying for online classes which will be done in their free periods.

Many have graduated thereby fulfilling dreams they must have nurtured for a very long time

Consideration of Cost

Even though a certain segment of society claimed it’s more expensive to conduct an online class, I still maintained such claims are rather correct by quarter.

Testimonies abound as to how such a form of teaching has been effective in every sense of it. Just as I earlier stressed, all that is needed is a functional gadget and a reliable network and you are good to go.

Compare that to the astronomical fees you contend with while enrolling in a normal school setting.

Some parents also complained of the humongous data needed to complete a particular class, I have taken the pain to explain this to such parents at various fora.

I made them understand that if they go for a higher data package, they stand a very low chance of paying less compared to subscribing to smaller containers, this is a known fact that is simply indisputable. It’s just common sense, the higher the data, the less you pay, highly instructional

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Consideration of Expanding Horizon

Expect to expand and widen your horizon if you decide to go the online route as regards learning.

As long as data is involved, you stand a very good chance of learning new things that would be beneficial to you both in the short and long run.

These are what you wouldn’t be privy to when you found yourself in a normal class setting. You can easily go online and maximize the powers of Google to solve knotty issues you found incomprehensible.

Difficult situations can be easily navigated away from while you are online; it worked and will continue to work.

All you need do is listen and adhere strictly to what you are being taught, Don’t try to be clever by half by doing something contrary, you would have gotten it wrong from the onset.

Use the powers of your internet to decipher solutions that would be germane to that topic at hand, use online powers

Consideration of a Better Student

Let me speak from experience, I discovered that a good number of my students come out far better than when we took off, a clear sign that online school is doing wonders.

A good number of them began solving issues on their own not even waiting for my guidance in certain instances.

They tend to develop that confidence needed to excel at all times, they brush over the tough task to my delight and I never for once fell short of commending their dexterity, even though I did that with caution, overpraising them can be counterproductive.

Their level of comprehension issues tends to beat students who underwent normal class sessions, I put this to the test and I was never disappointed once.

I felt a normal class was not enough, combining it with online classes would do more good than harm, I understood some kids can sometimes try to misuse the opportunity of having internet-enabled gadgets.

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There are codes to install to dissuade them from doing this; you can see how technology has made schooling so easy like a piecemeal

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