Ulgo: A Thrilling Story


This story centers on Matthew, a 16-year-old boy with a muscular system disorder. He was restricted from doing certain activities because of this condition so he felt out of place among his peers.

On his way to board the school bus, he was met by some bullies and he ran for the nearest escape route; the toilet. The day did actually turn out like the day of his escape when he heard a deafening thud, though distant. He quietly walked out of the toilet towards the corridor, the source of the noise. A woman was trying to gather the waste that must have poured out of the bin she was holding. Matthew helped the woman as much as he could as other students passed by and laughed at them. They were interrupted by Richard, Matthew’s younger brother who called out to Matthew to come board the bus.

At home, while Matthew was folding his uniform as he prepared to sleep, a piece of paper dropped from the side pocket of his uniform trousers. He picked up the paper. It was not written in a language he was familiar with but the alphabet in combination with words looked readable, which he read out. As he was about to throw the paper away, he fell on his bed and started to convulse. Then, he fell unconscious after the fit.

When he woke up the next day, he felt different; a feeling like being reborn.  He could not place what had happened until he got to school. One of the guys on the football team had thrown a ball at him. Everyone was laughing at him expecting him to fall as usual but his reflexes briskly bailed him. Throwing the ball back, it hit the guy who threw the ball at first and then went ahead to tear the net.

This surprised him and so he began to explore different sides of his new self that definitely was no longer sick. One would think the new power would provide him with a new sense of self. Instead, he took it upon himself to get revenge on the school bullies. With time, he became their leader and another student was the target of operations.

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Matthew was indirectly called to order when a strange student stood up for the bully victim which ended up with Matthew losing as he felt weak (the way he used to feel before the transformation). Because of this feeling, Matthew became uncomfortable even though his other friends shoved it off as insignificant and the fact that she was a girl. He took it up to learn more about her so he began to follow her around. However, it was difficult as it looked like she knew someone was following her. Confrontation was not an option because of the weakness he felt the other day.

This particular day looked like a breakthrough for him because it looked like he got to know where she lived. As he peeped out of the corner he was hiding across the road to get close to the house, he felt a gentle tap on his shoulder. He turned and realized it was the girl. Matthew was so sure he saw her enter the bungalow he was planning to enter. Surprisingly, this time, he was not feeling weak.

Before he could say anything, he found himself in the house. He got more confused. He was just outside and he was now inside with the girl. The girl now had a different appearance from what he had seen earlier. He had to ask what was going on. The girl eventually introduced herself as well as her family (father, mother, elder sister) whom he saw as he turned around. They had the same look as Andrea. It was not familiar with earthly eyes. They looked like special beings. If aliens really existed, he was so sure he was staring at them.

Then the explanation began. Andrea and her family were from a different planet, Ulgo. They took turns in their land to come to earth every 100 years. They use the sun to recharge themselves which makes them stronger and powerful for the next 100 years. They were equipped with abilities and powers that would usually be a dream or wish for a normal person; speed, strength, telekinesis, teleportation, immortality. Any human that saw them in their true form will forget what they saw once they change back to human form and forget whatever was said to them. Ulgo’s fundamental rule was that Earth must never find out their planet existed. Anyone from Earth who does not get to see them change to their human form and so cannot forget would be made to just disappear.

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Andrea explained that she was the lady in the corridor that Matthew had helped. She had been seeing how he was being bullied and how he was struggling. They could only offer help to humans if the human was someone who offers help to others no matter the status. So Matthew passed the test and he was rewarded. He was healed and was given extra strength so that he could protect himself. Whoever they helped and was misusing the power would feel weak in the presence of anyone from Ulgo except the inhabitant who wishes to let the person be. The power given to Matthew was permanent. It would only be neutralized if he misused it on 10 different occasions. This was why Andrea interrupted that day as it was the 9th occasion that day.

Things take a different turn when Andrea gets to school the next day and Matthew surprisingly seems to remember all that was said to him. So Andrea and her family had no choice but to take Matthew in as they felt entitled to keep him safe. They all eventually work together to protect Matthew as well as the city from the executioners of Ulgo.

The lesson in the story is essential to learn from. This is because of the power of Ulgo.

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