What You Need to Know about Fake Drugs and Immunization


The fake drug could be seen as pharmaceutical fraud, a situation where there are substandard drugs in circulation, contaminated products used as drugs, a deliberate fraud by a medical dealer.

1. Fake drugs are dangerous to the body system.

Fake drugs may contain toxic doses of dangerous ingredients and substances that make poor-quality medicines that can never be effective in the treatment of chronic and infectious diseases, causing disease progression, drug resistance, and finally death. Fake drugs are a very serious problem that has threatened the health of the populations in society today and in the future.

2. Fake drugs can cause serious illnesses.

The crux of the matter and the more insidious problem is a medicine that does not work ineffective medicines often contain benign ingredients, such as chalk pollen or flour, instead of medical chemicals.

3. Fake drugs affect people in society.

The users of fake drugs are exposed to serious health complications that can affect vital body organs and their functions. Such cases damage the brain, dame other body organs such as the liver, heart, lungs, and kidney. It can also lead to drug-related diseases, such as irregular heartbeat, high blood pressure, and others.

4. Fake drugs lead to death.

It has also been observed by clinical psychologists that fake drugs have caused some individuals to be incapacitated in all aspects of their lives some men are impotent and some women are barren for life.

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5. Fake drugs can also affect unborn babies.

Some babies are born dead; some are born imbeciles; some lose their sense of good judgment; some have deviant behaviors; some are too lazy and weak to do any task. Sometimes the fetuses are damaged. The resultant effects could be a stillborn or ectopic pregnancy, all because of fake drugs.

B. How to Control Fake Drugs in Our Society

Must we continue to mourn as our loved ones pass away to the great beyond? The answer is no! We must not continue in this way. Then what must we do to cure or eradicate the menace of fake drugs in our society?

1. Government’s intervention

The government in conjunction with the relevant drugs law enforcement agencies must ensure that offenders in fake drugs and counterfeit drugs are made to face the full weight of the law and severely punished. Any person who has the equipment or materials used in the production of fake drugs should be jailed without the option of a fine.

2. Prohibiting laws

Laws should be promulgated prohibiting the use of drugs without a doctor’s prescription. No medical personnel should be allowed to practice without an authenticated license. The government should regulate, and control the importation, exportation, manufacturing, distribution, sale, and advertising of medical equipment and chemicals.

3. Through inspections of the agencies

The agencies should periodically conduct inspections of all premises used for the production of food, drugs, cosmetics, and other related items issue certificates of usage on those that are original, and publicly destroy the ones that are fake or substandard. They must also ensure that every product in society has manufacturing and expiry dates written on the pack. Imported drugs must be ascertained and certified before clearance for use from the agencies is issued.

4. The intervention of religious bodies

Religious leaders should use Holy Books such as the Bible, Quran, etc. to teach the dangers of fake drugs in society. Every individual in the family, villages, Local Government Areas, State, and the nation at large should be educated on the dangers of fake and counterfeit drugs. There should be material and cash rewards to those who give useful information leading to the arrest of fake drug barons.

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The Importance of Immunization against Childhood Diseases

The concept of immunization means the use of preventive or resistant medicine in both adults and children to stop the development and spread of killer diseases in a place or community. Certain killer diseases have caused countless deaths among people in different areas. Such diseases include malaria, diarrhea, measles, and cholera. Thus, it is good to know the importance of immunization.

1. Immunization reduces the rate of infants

Infant mortality is a serious problem in my community as a result of childhood diseases. Measles is a dominant sickness that has claimed countless lives among children in my locality. Without the introduction of immunization, the number of dead children will continue to increase.

In 2015 and 2016, about two hundred children died in my place. It was the government’s immunization program that put a stop to that. Therefore, immunization reduces the death rate among children.

2. Immunization boosts the health of children.

Again, immunization, as a preventive measure, boosts the health of children. Their white blood cells are strengthened such that other similar but unknown disease conditions can be contained. For example, immunization against malaria can meaningfully tackle even fever-related headaches, colds, and catarrh.

The weakness of the body which may be stress-related can also be tackled. Thus, the concept of immunization is of great benefit to our children.

3. Immunization prevents deformities.

Furthermore, several disease-related deformities can be prevented. Our children would develop into a healthy and active generation that could represent our society in all political, economic, medical, and social fields. The future will be bright after the adult ones.

4. Immunization promotes medical research.

In conclusion, immunization promotes medical research. The dependency of people on traditional medicine or fetish treatment of children’s diseases can be discouraged as the modern use of medicine proves far more useful. Thus, immunization is an enormous contribution to the health status of our children. Let us promote it more than before for the benefit of posterity.

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If we are sincere and serious about our health, we must put into practice, all the above-mentioned ways of eradicating the menace of fake drugs in society, we shall live long and enjoy our lives on earth.

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